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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Why we Adore our Little Dachshunds

I own a standard sized Dapple Dachshund, named Winnie. She's fairly small in size about 16 lbs, but she is extremely protective of our house and property. Before my wife and I decided to get a Dachshund, we spent an entire day at Barnes & Noble researching the perfect dog for our small family and busy lives. When we got Winnie back in 2001, we got instantly attached to her. We chose the Dachshund because they were known to be not only independent and clean, they have such loyalty to their owners. When we got her, she was very small and actually my wife used to take her in her purse when she went food shopping or walking at a Flea Market. She is the most loyal dog I have ever seen. She has this "Princess" attitude where she needs to constantly recieve hugs and kisses, however, she also is becoming more independent these days where she will decide to go upstairs in a bedroom and lay wherever the sun shines on the floor. She does not want to be bothered until she is ready to have a snack or has to go outside to do her business.